"I live & breathe everything movement and have been teaching for 14 years. It has been a dream of mine to offer intelligent and up-to-date science backed movement to as many humans as possible.

I knew there were other people like me who were sick of toxic gym culture, dogmatic yoga studios and fitness programs purely focusing on a particular aesthetic. We deserve better than that, people have a right to become really empowered through knowledge and high quality movement offerings.

It brings me so much joy & purpose to provide fun, engaging & sustainable yoga, mobility, strength & conditioning and fascia-devoted practices because I know with every fibre of my being it will improve the quality of your life."


Amy’s platform is sprinkled with personality; a bit of banter, plenty of laughter, and the occasional emphatic swear word.

She welcomes you into her home every single day via her classes and it truly feels like you're joining a friend for a cuppa.

Due to her never-ending love of study, her style is taught with so much education and strong inclusivity due to the vast range of members who make up the community.

Members are able to contact her directly through the platform, social media or email for any questions and you will always be responded by her personally.

  • Redefining The Breath with Matt Phippen 2022

  • Myofacial Rolling Seminars with Jill Miller 2022

  • Fascia & Anatomy Seminars with Tom Myers 2021

  • Mobility courses with Dr Perry Nickelston 2020

  • Functional Range Conditioning, Joint Health Training with Dr Andreo Spina + Dewey Nielsen (Both human movement specialists in the United States) Sydney 2020

  • Embodied Flow Teacher Training module with International Somatic Movement Therapist & Yoga teacher Tara Judelle, Melbourne 2016

  • ‘Liquid Flow’ Advanced 50hr module with Simon Park (Who Yoga Journal acclaimed “one of the most influential and gifted yoga teachers of the next generation” ) Melbourne 2014

  • Gymnastics training module with Dusty Highland, Auckland NZ 2013

  • Olympic Weightlifting Certificate LV 1&2, Melbourne 2013

  • Mobility Training ‘The Ready State’ improve physical performance & prevent injury module with Kelly Starrett author of the ‘Becoming a Supple Leopard’, Miami Florida 2012

  • VFA Cert 3&4 Personal Training Full time, Melbourne 2011

  • 200HR Yoga Teacher Training with Bhava Centre, Melbourne 2010


Amy is married to a successful furniture designer with whom they share two young sons and live in the bushy suburb of Warrandyte, Victoria.

Having had her first son via emergency c-section, and her second son via elective c-section, Amy's thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology was invaluable in successfully rehabilitating from her pregnancies & births.

She brings this knowledge and empathy to her platform so other women can feel supported, seen and educated throughout their own experiences as well.

Amy is on a mission to educate people about pain science, the nervous system and all things movement health to ensure people live in a body they feel at home in and damn proud of.